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Aaron A. Nelson

Violent Crimes, Other Serious Charges And OWI / DUI And Related Charges


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Over his many years dedicated to Defending People Against the Power of the Government, Aaron has received numerous recognitions, including being named one of 50 Super Lawyers in Criminal Defense in Wisconsin (2011-2023), being AV rated by Martindale Hubbard, winning the Wisconsin Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (WACDL) “Martin Hanson Advocates Prize” a record seven (7) times (2010, 2014, 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2020), and in 2014 he was honored with David Niblack Award from WACDL. The David C. Niblack Award was created to honor and preserve the memory of David Niblack, “an outstanding attorney who devoted his life and considerable talents to the defense of those who needed it but could not pay for it.” Recipients of the award are attorneys being recognized for contributions to the effective defense of the indigent, either through cumulative career contributions or through outstanding individual accomplishments. Aaron has also previously served as the WACDL president.

In 2023 Aaron joined two other criminal defense lawyers to form Elite Defense Group. Aaron practices throughout the state with the Elite Defense Group team.

Aaron also routinely presents to other attorney’s at numerous Continuing Legal Education courses throughout Wisconsin (Wisconsin State Public Defender Conference, Wisconsin State Public Defender Trial Skills training), WACDL, Barry Cohen’s annual OWI seminar as well as nationally at the National College of Criminal Defense.


University of Wisconsin Law School, Madison, Wisconsin
J.D. – 1996

University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
B.A. – 1993
Honors: magna cum laude

Practice Areas

    • Criminal Defense


Advocates Prize: Martin Hanson Memorial

2024- WACDL Prize Award Winner

2021 – Saint Croix – State v. Cole, 2021 CF 191

2017 – Dunn – State v. Jones, 2017 CF 45

2016 – Chippewa – State v. Lloyd, 2016 CF 325

2015 – Pierce – State v. Milberg, 2015 CF 55

2014 – Douglas – State v. Dunn, 2014 CF 359

2013 – Douglas – State v. Johnson, 2013 CF 194

2008 – Dunn – State v. Edgemon, 2008 CF 61


David C. Niblack Award



Kuchler-Nicholson-Stilling Sensitive Crimes Award

2024 – WACDL Stilling Sensitive Crimes Award Winner

2023 – Saint Croix – 2021CF000844