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Not Guilty Verdict: Stalking (x4), Disorderly Conduct (x4), and Criminal Damage to Property

Oneida County, Wisconsin, man charged with multiple counts of Stalking, Misconduct in Public Office, False Imprisonment, Disorderly Conduct and Criminal Damage to Property has 6 counts dismissed the week before trial and was then found not guilty by a jury of 9 of the 11 remaining counts.  While the verdicts did not result in a complete exoneration, Attorney Nelson did manage to have 15 of the 17 counts ultimately dismissed.

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Not Guilty Verdict: Criminal Damage to Property and Bail Jumping

Menomonie, Wisconsin, man charged with Criminal Damage to Property and Bail Jumping found not guilty of all charges after Attorney Nelson’s cross-examination of the complainant and deep analysis of the video recording convinced the jury that the damage was unintentional and likely caused by the complainant’s actions.

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Not Guilty Verdict: OWI/PAC-3rd

Minnesota man charged with OWI/PAC-3rd offense, criminal damage to property, possession of THC, and possession of drug paraphernalia. Prior to trial, Attorney Nero convinced the judge to “sever” (which means to break apart and have separate trials) the drug charges from the OWI/DUI charges, which were based only upon alleged alcohol impairment. The OWI/DUI charges went to trial first. It might sound unusual, but sometimes it’s not illegal to drive drunk. Wisconsin OWI/DUI laws only apply on roadways and “premises held open for public use.” This case involved driving on the lawn of a cabin at a campground. The client tried to drive away from the cabin and onto a road, but struck a grill and never made it off the lawn. Attempted drunk driving is not a crime in Wisconsin. The jury agreed and found the client NOT GUILTY of the OWI/DUI charges, allowing Attorney Nero to walk his client out of the courtroom a free person. Following the not guilty verdicts, the prosecutor dropped all remaining criminal charges as well. This saved the client from an immediate report to jail, lengthy license revocation, large fine, and other penalties.

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Not Guilty Verdict: Child Sex Offender Working With Children

Menomonie, Wisconsin, man charged with being a child sex offender working with children. To obtain a conviction, the State was required to prove that he primarily and directly worked with children under 16 years of age. However, records from his place of employment proved that he only did so about 24% of the time, meaning that he primarily did other things in the course of his job duties. The State refused to dismiss, so Nelson Defense Group took the case to jury trial. It took the jury less than 45 minutes to find the client not guilty.

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Not Guilty Verdict: OWI-1st

Hayward, Wisconsin, man was charged with OWI/PAC-1st offense in Juneau County. This man had a good job where he was required to drive company cars to put food on the table for his family. But an OWI conviction would stop him from being able to do that going forward. He simply needed to avoid an OWI conviction, but the prosecutor was not willing to budge because his breath test result was almost one-and-a-half times the legal limit. Attorney Adam P. Nero knew that this case would need to have a jury trial. The evidence looked extremely damning, as it often does. A citizen witness called 911 to report that this driver was swerving heavily over a period of several miles, almost hitting guardrails on the side of the interstate and even taking the ditch on one occasion. However, Attorney Nero managed to limit the prosecution’s evidence, convinced the jury that the arresting officer was exaggerating what he observed, and that the breath test result simply could not be trusted, for a number of scientific and logical reasons. The jury took less than one hour to return verdicts of not guilty — making this Attorney Nero’s second consecutive jury trial victory. This is the most difficult type of verdict to achieve in an OWI case — one where the Defense must convince the jury either to disregard or disbelieve the blood or breath test result. Few Wisconsin attorneys can boast this type of verdict, and with this case, Attorney Nero did it twice in a row.

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Not Guilty Verdict: Battery

New Richmond, Wisconsin, woman was found NOT GUILTY by a jury of Domestic Battery.

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Not Guilty Verdict: Sex Crime

Cable, Wisconsin, man charged with 2nd Sexual Assault, False Imprisonment, Misdemeanor Battery and Felony Bail Jumping was found NOT GUILTY by a jury of all charges after Attorney Aaron A. Nelson successfully argued their consensual sexual affair was not a crime.

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Not Guilty Verdict: Sex Crime

Hudson, Wisconsin, college student was charged with three counts of 2ndDegree Sexual Assault and one count of Battery. On day three of jury trial, the Judge dismissed one count of Sexual Assault because the State could not meet its burden. After four days of trial, the jurors took less than 30 minutes to find him not guilty of all charges.

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