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When Nelson Defense Group takes your case, we fully commit to doing whatever we can to protect you and your rights, freedom, and future. Our award-winning attorneys work together to develop persuasive, effective theories of defense for clients facing life-changing criminal charges. We know the stakes are high. We care about you. And we work harder than anyone else. For a free initial discussion of your case, please call us today.

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Group shot of attorneys Adam P. Nero and Aaron A. Nelson, of Nelson Defense Group

If you are facing a criminal charge in Wisconsin, you need a criminal defense lawyer who is familiar with Wisconsin’s legal landscape. The courts, laws, prosecutors, and judges here are very different than those in neighboring states. There is too much at risk to put your case in the hands of a lawyer who does not practice criminal defense every day exclusively in Wisconsin.

At Nelson Defense Group, we are a Wisconsin criminal defense law firm through and through. We understand what is at stake, and we have the legal knowledge and skills to help you. Whether you have already been arrested or believe you may be under investigation, we encourage you to contact us as soon as possible for a free initial discussion.

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