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Will my driver’s license be suspended automatically if I’m arrested for OWI?

If you have been arrested for OWI in Wisconsin, there are some things you should know immediately about the threat to your driving privileges. In most cases, you have 10 days to challenge either the revocation or administrative suspension of your driver’s license.

That gives you just a short time to take action, and it takes more than just calling the courthouse. If you or your defense attorney do not file the required paperwork in time, the court will automatically suspend your license. There is no way to get an extension on the deadline. Keep in mind that this is a separate matter from the OWI charge itself. Both the charge and the suspension of your driver’s license need your immediate attention.

Legal representation for both matters

Fortunately, a qualified defense attorney can help you with both problems. By contacting your lawyer as soon as possible, you get the ball rolling on both working to restore your driving privileges and developing a strategy for dealing with the drunk driving accusation. In many cases, an experienced criminal defense attorney can negotiate with the prosecutor to get an OWI charge reduced to a less serious offense. Other times, the evidence is shaky enough or tainted by improper police procedure, and the charge may be dismissed entirely. In other cases, your attorney might be able to win at trial.

A Wisconsin attorney for your Wisconsin drunk driving charge

When choosing a lawyer to help you with your OWI charge, it’s important that you choose one who practices exclusively in Wisconsin. A Wisconsin-based defense attorney who is familiar with the courts throughout the state can help a client anywhere, including Hudson, Superior and the rest of western Wisconsin.