Why Hire Nelson Defense Group

It is important to hire a criminal defense attorney immediately once you’re charged with a crime, because the sooner you get in to see a criminal defense attorney, the sooner we can begin to help you solve your problems. Somebody at Nelson Defense Group can walk you through that process. That will help you know what to expect. We got to court as much—if not more than—anybody else in the state. You only get good at something if you do it, and you do it regularly. We are in court on a daily basis. We are a group and we defend you as a group.

Doing this work is difficult. In order to find those solutions that our clients want, we need to spend the time to do that, and in order to do that, you need to have that time. If you get Nelson Defense Group, you’re one of that special group that we’ve decided to commit our time and our attention to help you. We defend people with crimes, and we do it in Wisconsin. We’re not licensed any place else. We do in one place; we do it in Wisconsin. That’s what we’re good at, so if you’re in trouble in Wisconsin, this is the place to be.