OWI Legal Issues

When I first meet a client I often tell them that a .08 or above doesn’t mean you are guilty. And then they say well what can we do. And there are many various defenses that are available in OWI cases depending on the unique facts related to your case. No two cases are the same. They deserve individual attention and individual analysis. We start by analyzing whether the police officer had a reason to pull you over in the first place and a reason to pull you out for a field sobriety test and a reason to arrest you. Each incremental intrusion in that process requires its own justification that we need to separately analyze given the facts and given the law at issue with your case. When the law requests a blood or breath test from you, and he or she gave you inaccurate legal advice that affected your decision to consent or refuse the chemical testing. There are legal issues all over OWI cases no two cases are alike there are going to be some issue available for us to try and achieve the best result for you.