Drug Crimes

Drug crime cases are like all crime cases they are very serious and you need a strong defense. For 22 years, I have been defending people accused of different crimes involving drugs, drugs and alcohol.  Sometimes a problem within our society and is perceived as a problem. And whether somebody has made a mistake involving something one of the substances they are falsely accused of doing something with those substances. I have been in them for 22 years. If you have been charged with a drug crime Nelson Defense have the skills to help you through this process. Drug crimes are like all of crimes but they have the additional component of searches and seizures. That is covered by the 4th amendment. Here at Nelson Defense Group, we have litigators like myself and Mr. Nero. We have appellate attorney Mr. Finnly and then we have Mr. Maxy who helps all of us in part of doing the research and the writing that is necessary. Nelson Defense Group covers all assets of the drug crimes and you have everyone here to help you with those special cases.