About Our Firm

The Nelson Defense Group was born out of our desire to help others. This desire to help others has guided us to our core values. These core values include, caring for our clients, focus on client-centered reputation, a passion for criminal defense, a commitment to the presumption of innocence and our dedicated to our craft. These core values when combined with our experience, skill and knowledge. Has allowed us to get result we have had. We are proven winners you can compare our results to anyone’s. We know when you are faced with charges it is stressful and can be a crisis for anyone in that situation. We have dedicated team to help guide you through this with the best representation in court. With the charges being drunk driving, whether it be sexual assault or even homicide no matter what you are charged with we have the resources and the team to best defend you. If you or someone you love is facing criminal charges you need a strong support team at your back. Nelson Defense Group is that team.