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The Value of Performing Under Pressure

When your freedom hangs in the balance, the pressure is on, from every angle. Criminal charges are life-changing regardless of the outcome of your case. It is important to have an attorney behind you from the very start who can not only navigate the pressures of your unique case but thrive in the face of opposition. An effective criminal defense attorney will calmly litigate throughout the legal process and react appropriately to any curveball thrown at them.

Stability in Your Time of Crisis

Your case is unique, and therefore so are its stressors. Legal proceedings can be mentally and emotionally taxing, so it is essential that your attorney provides stability and confidence in this time of crisis. Research indicates that the accuracy of eyewitness testimony can waver in moments of intense stress because stress affects our brain’s ability to retain information, process information and throws off reactions. The courtroom is a high-stress environment, but a well-trained criminal defense attorney will have experience and strategies to deal with those on the fly – relieving some of the stress that you endure day to day.

Confident and Competent Litigation

Throughout your case, the prosecutor will generate pressure in an effort to discredit you and your perspective. You have your lawyer to defend you against this; they will confidently advocate on your behalf throughout litigation, maintaining composure during your case’s most challenging moments. This composure can make or break the outcome of your case. Juries keenly pick up on an attorney’s ability to maintain confidence and control over the courtroom.

Nelson Defense Group’s attorneys are motivated by compassion, which translates into the most effective representation for our clients. Your case requires an attorney who will calmly negotiate with prosecutors and exhibit strength, honesty and competency at trial. Nelson Defense Group’s attorneys have a demonstrated track record of doing so at every stage of court proceedings, from the client’s initial consultation onward.