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Attorney Adam P. Nero’s Impressive Distinctions

Attorney Adam P. Nero is a proud member of The Nelson Defense Group. He has been in practice for nearly a decade, choosing to dedicate his work to criminal defense — specifically OWI/DUI defense. His passion is evident in his successful case outcomes and well-earned accolades.

Among his many distinctions, Attorney Nero’s significant involvement with The National College for DUI Defense (NCDD) is noteworthy. It is a non-profit professional organization committed to the improvement of criminal defense and the distribution of information regarding drunk driving laws and associated matters.

Attorney Nero’s connection to the NCDD has produced several beneficial opportunities, which can be viewed on the badges on his attorney profile

The National College for DUI Defense Faculty

The National College for DUI Defense has its own faculty who act as instructors at NCDD seminars. These are highly talented attorneys who take the time to share their time and knowledge with others.

The NCDD carefully selects its faculty members based on a lawyer’s mastery of DUI-related topics and their capacity to teach certain subject matter to fellow members. The educational mission of the organization is fulfilled through its faculty, making selection an honor.

Attorney Nero is the only lawyer west of Milwaukee to be a part of the NCDD faculty. He’s proud of this distinction, as is Nelson Defense Group. 

The National College for DUI Defense National Task Force Committee

The NCDD’s National Task Force Committee includes several sub-committees, including the Amicus/Research Committee (of which Attorney Nero is a member). 

The Amicus/Research Committee within the Task Force represents the NCDD and the Board’s positions in the highest courts in the U.S. The NCDD aims to protect citizen rights concerning impaired driving cases, including Fourth Amendment rights and the right to privacy.

In addition, this committee provides articles for the NCDD’s journal on matters related to the committee’s mission. It also suggests topics for seminars and webinars. 

Attorney Nero holds great enthusiasm for DUI criminal defense law and has a vast knowledge of related topics. He uses these areas of interest to further promote and contribute to the organization’s goals.

The National College for DUI Defense Serious Science Graduate

Attorney Nero is also a graduate of the Serious Science courses offered by The National College for DUI Defense. These advanced courses offer lawyers helpful insight into forensic science and trial advocacy. 

Forensic science plays a vital role in impaired driving cases. The trial advocacy portion of the program helps lawyers practice trial skills in the context of blood analysis defense. As a graduate of these courses, Attorney Nero has expanded his knowledge on a topic that heavily influences the outcomes of his cases. 

A Passion for DUI Defense

Nelson Defense Group is delighted to have Attorney Adam P. Nero on our legal team. He is a talented legal professional who has enjoyed significant success on behalf of his clients. We look forward to his continued development and success as a DUI criminal defense lawyer.