About Nelson Defense Group

It is important to hire a criminal defense attorney immediately once you’re charged with a crime, because the sooner you get in to see a criminal defense attorney, the sooner we can begin to help you solve your problems. Somebody at Nelson Defense Group can walk you through that process.

We are a criminal defense law firm practicing exclusively in Wisconsin. Our attorneys have built a long record of not guilty verdicts, dismissals, and sentencing victories. Other successful outcomes include reduced charges, suppression of evidence, and successful appeals in the Wisconsin Court of Appeals and Supreme Court.

Our firm is in the City of Hudson, St. Croix County, and we serve clients throughout Wisconsin, having appeared in nearly every county. Call Nelson Defense Group at 715-386-2694 today for a free initial discussion of your case.

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Meet Our Attorneys And Staff

Nelson Defense Group was founded on these core values: 1) Caring for Our Clients, (2) Client-Centered Representation, (3) Dedication to the Presumption of Innocence, (4) A Passion for Criminal Defense, and (5) Commitment to Our Craft. Every day, we embody these values and work as hard as necessary to secure the best possible outcome for each client. We’ve learned that in criminal defense, like in any other profession, the team that works the hardest is the team most likely to deliver the best outcome.

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  • Aaron A. Nelson
  • Robert Maxey
  • Steve Miller
  • Emma Campion
  • Connie Berning
  • Jeremy Kiekhoefer
  • Karra Hanson

Why Choose Us?

Criminal Defense Is All We Do

We’re different from other attorneys who dabble. We only take criminal defense cases. We don’t practice in Minnesota, and we refuse contracts to prosecute municipal OWI/DUI cases. 100% of our time is dedicated to defending people in Wisconsin against the power of government. We do one thing so we can do it better than anyone else.

Fewer Cases Means More Attention To Our Clients

Even though we’d like to, our firm does not take every case that comes through our door. We are a low-volume office that gives each of our clients — and their cases — the time and attention they deserve. There is no substitute for taking the time needed to explore every avenue to win a case.

You Get The Whole Team — Not Just One Lawyer

When you bring us onboard, we start to work on your case and help you immediately. We’re responsive, attentive, and compassionate. You will receive the best attorney for your case, who will have a full team to support both lawyer and client.